Annual Topic 2024
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Shortages of Skilled and Unskilled Labour: Insights and Evidence to Inform Strategies Relevant to Regional and Local Labour Markets and Labour Market Observatories.
5. – 6. September 2024
Lugano, Switzerland

European-Wide Network for
Furthering Labour Market Monitoring at Regional and Local Level

The mission of the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (EN RLMM) is to advance both the practice and impact of labour market monitoring across Europe at regional and local levels.

Founded in March 2006 at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, we are dedicated to the development, dissemination, and application of innovative concepts, methods, and tools tailored to labour market analysis. We foster a supportive and collaborative environment and bring together a diverse group of experts—including researchers, policy makers, practitioners and labour market observatories—from more than 32 European countries and beyond.

Our network is committed to promoting knowledge exchange, mutual learning, and cooperation among our more than 400 members. Through initiatives such as the Annual Meeting, European Day, Annual Anthology, collaborative projects, regular newsletters, and Big Data Knowledge Hub we provide a robust platform for our members to share insights, research findings, and best practices.

The EN RLMM serves as a platform for those engaged in, or interested in, regional labour market monitoring through offering resources for lectures, presentations, consulting, and evaluation.

We welcome new members, who share our vision, to join us in shaping the future of regional labour market monitoring in Europe. Together, we aim to enhance the understanding of labour market dynamics in a systemic interdisciplinary way, contributing to informed evidence-based policy-making, and stronger, more resilient communities. We support regional labour market convergence and moves to a single European Labour Market, and help facilitate cooperation at international level.

About the EN RLMM

The members exchange on the annual meeting, work in common projects or publish an annual anthology together. The Big Data Working Group hosts regular seminars on current big data topics. The network is managed by a Scientific Committee that monitors topics, members and activities.

Network members are available for lectures, presentations, consulting or evaluation purposes. Everybody who is interested in exchange in the field of labour market monitoring is welcome to become a member of the EN RLMM. There is no membership fee.

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„A unique and diverse network of experts with hands-on experience in analysing labour market trends that really inspires new ideas for driving change.“

Radwa Abdel-Raouf

Head of Component | Labour-market-oriented Technical Education for Transition to Green Economy, Deputy Head of Project Employment Promotion Project (EPP), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

„Through the EN RLMM, we've gained access to invaluable insights and good practices, enabling us to transfer the knowledge to our regional context.Joining forces with the EN RLMM has been a game-changer for our organization because it has empowered us to expertly navigate the labour market information and has facilitated meaningful exchanges, driving continuous improvement and shaping the future of labour market analysis.We're proud to be part of this dynamic network and look forward to continuing our partnership in the Network and in the Big Data Working Group’s activities.“

Eugenia Atin

Project Manager, Prospektiker

„The network, for me as a professional, is a really interesting and enriching meeting point where you can learn about projects, tools, methodologies applicable to the analysis of the labour market, as well as exchange and obtain ideas that can later fit into my organization or environment with the aim of building an efficient regional employment market. It's what I value most about this network.“

Borja Pulido

Project Manager at Prospektiker
Basque Country-Spain

„Since 2014 I’m a member of the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring and I really like the open and informal atmosphere. We learn from each other during the annual conference, the articles in the anthology and the additional webinars. This knowledge sharing and these international contacts inspires me to be innovative and to improve the quality of the labour market information.“

Michel van Smoorenburg

International labour market analyst UWV (PES NL)

„From a Western Balkans country perspective, importance of this Network immense, as it provides us vith a vital platform for exchange of evidence, ideas and expertise that enhances our abilities to respond to the pressing need of adaptation to the fast changing realities of the labour markets in our countries. Regional and local labour market monitoring and analysis is even more important in the context of low mobility and specific challenges affecting some regions being especially vulnerable to different waves of transition, such as coal mining regions“

Nermin Oruc

Research Director, CREDI
Bosnia and Herzegovina

„Since 2006 the EN RLMM makes an invaluable contribution to a better networking of European labour market research. Over the years, its annual meeting became a highly appreciated fixed date for exchange and inspiration.“

Claudia Plaimauer

Research + Consulting, 3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH

„The ongoing transformations in society and the labor market are increasingly rapid and have a strong impact on the lives of individuals and our territories. This gives rise to new needs and demands for new knowledge and skills in many areas of expertise, which find significant and prompt responses within the network of the European Regional Labour Market Observatories (ENRLMM). This network provides high-value applied studies and research involving academics and operators from the regional observatories of many European nations. ENRLMM certainly represents a network of specialized and multidisciplinary expertise; essential elements for addressing current and future cultural challenges.“

Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica 

Vice Rector for Advanced Training and Job Placement, Head of Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods, Scientific Director- CRISP Interuniversity Research Centre on Public Services, University of Milan Bicocca

„Working in the EN RLMM is very enriching for me. In terms of content, I benefit greatly from the exchange of methods and content within the network and have already been able to gain many good ideas for my day-to-day work. Working across national borders also helps me a lot to understand and categorise developments in my region. On the one hand, developments at the regional level in the European Union are always linked to supra-regional cross-border developments. On the other hand, we always recognise ourselves better in the mirror of the other, and the interpersonal exchange in the network helps enormously. For me, the network is therefore also a piece of European unification in action.“

Daniel Porep

Projektmanager, Team WFBB Arbeit – Fachkräfte & Qualifizierung

„The network is incredibly valuable as it brings together in-depth expertise from research, economic policy, public employment services as well as applied labour market intelligence. The professional and personal exchange across borders and institutions is a great inspiration when facing today's and tomorrow's challenges on the labour market.“

Christian Müller

Head of Cross‐unit Services Federal Department of Economy, Education and Research EAER State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO Labour Market and Unemployment Insurance

„Participation in the ENRLMM European Network represents a great opportunity to continuously update and improve the level of studies and analyses on the main open problems in the labour markets, to develop proposals and promote initiatives useful for progressive convergence towards a common European labour market. The open discussion, guaranteed and practiced since its foundation by the ENRLMM Network between the academic world, research centers and operators of public and private services, is a fundamental element of this very qualified experience.“

Prof. Marco Ricceri

Secretary General, EURISPES

Contact & Newsletter

Receiving the newsletter helps you to keep up with the trends and developments in the field of labour market monitoring on the regional/local level. You will also be informed about the activities of network members, big data hub seminars and all related issues.

If you are interested in becoming a member contact us to request membership.

If you have any questions concerning the network, please contact the network co-ordinator Dr. Christa Larsen (