The Big Data Knowledge Hub

The EN RLMM Big Data Knowledge Hub is a collaborative platform for mutual exchange and learning where all the members of the EN RLMM can look for guidance when aiming to use big data in their labour market monitoring projects. It is an easily accessible source of information on the techniques used by other reference labour market observatories for a particular topic or challenge.

The EN RLMM Big Data Knowledge Hub has been developed by the Big Data Working Group of the EN RLMM and populated by the EN RLMM members with their insights and projects on Big Data.

In the Hub the user will find practical examples on how Big Data has been applied by some observatories for labour market research and consulting. Please access here:

Please contact Eugenia Atin Videgain (, Tl. +34 688 809 708) in case of any questions concerning the EN RLMM Big Data Knowledge Hub.

The Big Data Working Group is hosting regular seminars that are open for every interested persons. Please keep updated via the EN RLMM Newsletter.


March 21, 2024

Connecting Big skills-data and Personal skill-data

Expert: Ludger Weller from SkillLab 

Newsletter 2024/04

June, 29 2023

Analysis of online job vacancies and skills in demand in North Macedonia

Expert: Aleksandar Kostadinov (Researcher at IDEI- Skopje, North Macedonia)

Newsletter 2023/04

February 23, 2023

Use of big data tools to support labour market (re)integration in the Swiss context

Experts: Professor Dominik Hangartner (Immigration Policy Lab – ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and Martin Gasser (SECO, Switzerland)

Newsletter 2023/01 – Seminar Notes
Newsletter 2023/01 – Seminar Notes Gasser
Newsletter 2023/01 – Notes Seminar GeoMatch
Newsletter 2022/06 – Gasser Fairness In Jobseeker Profiling

April 28, 2022

Exploring new sources of Labour Market Intelligence: job seekers sentiment analysis

Experts: Prof Ciprian Panzaru and Prof. Claudiu Brandas (WUT, Romania), Dr. Moreno Baruffini (USI, Switzerland)

Newsletter 2022/04 – Notes Seminar

June 30, 2022

AI-Machine Learning serving people and employment – profiling jobseekers

Experts: Borja Pulido (LANBIDE, Basque Country) and Dorit Griga (SECO, Switzerland)

Newsletter 2022/06 – Notes Seminar
Newsletter 2022/06 – Profiling Lanbide

November 24, 2022

Skills mismatch across EU countries using job ads and survey data at the micro-level

Expert: Francesco Trentini (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)

Newsletter 2022/09 – Notes Seminar
Newsletter 2022/09 – Trentini Notes Seminar