02. October 2017

Established in 1987, Prospektiker is an independent company, which specializes on foresight and prospective – strategic studies for the public and private sector. The company’s main purpose is that of exploring the possible futures, which may emerge from the present situation.

Prospektiker’s main objectives are:

  • To detect the innovations, ideas and facts that may be considered portenders of the future.
  • To discover strong tendencies, both current and potential, which determine the range of possible futures.
  • To evaluate possible inflections, impacts whose effects penetrate every level of society and the commitments that must be made in response to these phenomena.
  • To take on the role of sentry over the many economic, technological, social and cultural factors that can have an influence over long and medium term change, identifying key problems for the future, as well as examining those strategies that may be adopted to confront these problems.

Contact: Eugenia Atin, E-Mail
Raquel Serrano, E-Mail

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