CRISP – Interuniversity Research Centre on Public Services

02. October 2017

CRISP was founded in 1997, and consists of an interdisciplinary academic network conducting high profile research and studies in the field of services. The centre is led by a Council and a Scientific Director, and features several resident researchers specializing in different disciplines. Its premises, together with the administrative offices, are located at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Competences : The centre’s competences are the result of contributions from several disciplines – information systems, economics and management, statistics, social sciences and legal sciences – and aim to develop and improve productivity and innovation in services.

Activities : In addition to conducting academic research, CRISP publishes and disseminates papers, articles and books, and organizes events, workshops and training programmes of various kinds. The centre participates actively in conferences and international networks.

Contact: Mattia Martini, E-Mail
Silvia Dusi, E-Mail

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