Transformations of Local and Regional Labour Markets across Europe in Pandemic and Post-pandemic times. Challenges for regional and local observatories

The COVID-19 health crisis has turned into a global economic crisis, putting at risk the health, jobs, and incomes of millions of people around the world. The real economic impact dimension of the pandemic is unknown yet, but what we already know is that the impact is already different at the  regional, and even local levels. Implicitly the consequences for the labour market will follow the same pattern, having heterogeneous effects according to the different industrial branches and  the level of jobs affected by restrictive measures.

The different level and speed of labour market disruption at the regional and local level requires different measures and adaptative policies based on real-time evidence. For that purpose, regional and local labour market observatories are most appropriate instruments to further provide broad, reliable, and targeted information on the current and future developments of the labour markets in their region or locality for policy decision makers.

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