Annual Meeting
18. August 2016
TE Services Lapland, Northern Cooporation of Foresight, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland

Digital (R)evolution and Its Effects on Labour: Opportunities and Challenges for Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring

Digitalisation is not a new phenomenon in the world of work—even though in some respect it has revolutionised the world of work in the past decades, it is a process that has followed an evolutionary course for a long period of time. There have been various attempts to assess its effects on labour in terms of the available volume of work, organisation of work, legal aspects of working relationships, skills requirements as well as working conditions and workplace security. At the Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM, we discussed the changes taking place in these different fields of the world of work as a consequence of digitalisation. In doing so, we will considered the latest insights from applied labour market research and explored how they can be incorporated into labour market monitoring. Hereby, our particular focus was on regional and local contexts, which vary considerably across European countries.

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