02. October 2017

The French Centre for Research on Qualifications (Céreq) is a public body under the aegis of both the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry for Work, Employment, and Health. As a public centre of expertise at the service of the key players in education, training and employment, Céreq provides advice and proposals intended to clarify choices in the area of education and training policies at regional, national or international level.

Céreq carries out large scale national statistical surveys on individuals and companies, it is the French operator and analyst of longitudinal data on youth transition between education and the labour market (the so-called Generation surveys) and is data provider of large-scale linked employer-employee surveys.

The centre worked and published during the last ten years on European tools like EQF and ECVET. It participates in several European funded projects aimed to produce comparative studies and exchange good practices in different topics touching VET System (ecological transition, digital transition, demographic transitions). It also work on Higher Education topics particularly looking at topics like professionalization and University-to-Work transition.

Contact details:

The French Centre for Research on Qualifications

Address: Place de la Joliette 10, 13567 Marseille, France

Phone: (+33) 4 91132888

Email: matteo.sgarzi@cereq.fr

Website: www.cereq.fr

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