Monitoring of Regional Labour Markets in European States: Concepts–Experiences–Perspectives

Christa Larsen, Waldemar Mathejczyk, Alfons Schmid (Eds.)

Regional factors are important for the economy and employment in highly competitive, international markets. As a precondition for the functioning of regional labour markets, adequate information has to be generated and transformed into new knowledge – for all actors involved. Regional Labour Market Monitoring can be seen as an approach to meet these requirements. A variety of projects in this area have been set up in several European countries. Their common purpose is to develop and implement sets of indicators to measure the current regional labour market and to provide information over its development into the future. Both the regional labour force and business enjoy the benefits from this activity. This anthology gives an idea of the diversity of European approaches to monitoring of regional labour markets. It renders different concepts and instruments representing the region in which they are used.

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