Information Systems for Regional Labour Market Monitoring: State of the Art and Perspectives

Regional labour market monitoring based on web-based labour market information systems is becoming increasingly more common. Two general types of systems can be distinguished. The first are regionally-based information tools and secondly, national systems with regional sub-divisions.

Annual Meeting

Within regional labour market monitoring, information is con­tinuously generated and communicated to regional and local labour market actors. This helps them to assess current and future developments within their local situations, to adopt strategies and to devise specific measures based on a common situational interpretation. The continuing networking between local labour market actors with the aim to exchange information/expertise, to share subjective experiences and to orient actions in the context of other current activities can be labelled as local or regional labour market intelligence. Further specification of regional labour market monitoring approaches is still needed in order to significantly contribute to the creation of this local intelligence as gaps still exist in the interfaces between data, users and action. The goal of this Annual Meeting was to develop theoretical and practical strategies for addressing these gaps, creating a stronger foundation for regional or local labour market intelligence.

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